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NeuroKinetic Therapy is a highly sophisticated method combining motor control theory and manual muscle testing to help uncover the true cause of your discomfort and pain in an efficient and painless manner. NKT takes advantage of the time that your motor control system is open for learning and determines what exercises your individual body needs to help improve your condition.


Are you a professional athlete needing care for your injury? Training to be an athlete and looking to improve your flexibility and strength? Would you like to start a more physically active routine? No matter where you stand athletically, Dr. Brown of EmBODYed Health and Healing has many therapy options to help! By addressing the root cause of your issue, Dr. Brown helps to eliminate your condition for more permanent results to help you look and feel your best when you’re out on the court or on the track.


Many people may be worsening some of their underlying health conditions simply by making the wrong dietary choices on a regular basis. The foods and liquids that people ingest on a regular basis can make all the difference in terms of their health and well-being. However, the consequences of a person's eating habits can extend much further than many people think. People with many different types of medical problems, such as heart problems, will often rely on costly medications in order to treat the symptoms. These medications can often have frustrating or even dangerous side effects. Nutritional therapy can allow people to get the same results with no side effects. The dietary changes that they make through nutritional therapies will often have other health benefits, making nutritional therapies particularly good options for patients.


The Graston technique is a relatively new form of treatment that is used for soft tissue injuries. Instruments that have been specially designed for use in this technique can be used by chiropractors to detect areas of soft tissue that may be injured and then treat this injury. The Graston technique New York has become a very popular method of treatment in the city.


The Gua Sha technique can help with a variety of illnesses. You will feel an immediate relief from most of them. This includes pain relief, even artritis pain relief, as well as cold or flu symptoms. It can help with nausea and other issues as well. Many people also use it to prevent breathing troubles and other illnesses.


Scents can have a powerful effect on one's moods, and Dr. Brown takes advantage of that. During an aromatherapy session, he helps patients by using different types of essential oils. He will choose different oils based on the condition that they are trying to treat. Many aromatherapy sessions involve the patient taking in the essential oils throughout inhalation, but it can be more intense than that.  Usually aromatherapy sessions could simply involve the massage therapy session applying the essential oils to it. Dr. Brown will go out of his way to make their patients feel comfortable and feel as if they are being taken care of during their sessions, which is one of the primary attractions of aromatherapy.