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The Effective Relief from Chronic Pain at an Affordable Rate

We at Embodyedhealthandhealing are all set to offer you the best of treatment at an affordable rate from the chronic pain and injuries you suffer from. We have varieties of treatment type and select the one best suited for you according to the relief you desire, Quanta Bio-frequency patches is one such a method.

When to have such a treatment

If you are suffering from pain in various parts of your body, sports injury, bursitis, bulging disc, congestion of lymph and stress or anxiety you need to come to us for having this nature of treatment. The entire treatment is painless and performed at your schedule time.

The nature of treatment

We would place bio-frequency patches at certain points of your body according to your discomfort. These patches are safe for children too and so effective treatment for them is possible. The patches have to be worn for three to four days. During this period, bio-frequency from the metallic substrate embedded in the medical patch, works the miracle and you will have relief from the discomfort.

The bio-frequency patches sends frequencies, which stimulate the body to undertake a self-healing process and you get relief from the pain that you suffer from.

Application and benefits:

  • Helpful to get rid from paid in various parts of your body
  • Best to get complete mind body reset
  • Safe for all age group
  • Relief from the discomfort
  • These Patches works with harmful side effects
  • Patches are 100% natural (with No Drug or Chemical)

We are the one from whom you can have best of such treatment and have a holistic healthcare. Dr. Brown has the experience and knowledge to help you to have relief from pains of any nature using these bio-frequency patches. Medical bodies approve the patches that we use and are purely natural. Therefore, they work giving you best of relief without any nature of side effects. So, be with us immediately and have effective relief from the disorders at an affordable rate. It is for sure that our bio-frequency patches would enable you to have a holistic health care.