Dr. John Brown is a talented chiropractor and healer…the intuitive nature of his hands are to be experienced first hand…Dr. Brown is always passionate about his work and continues to further his skills regularly…

Sherri Greene


John Brown has healing powers above and beyond any medical professional I’ve ever met. In addition, he’s a top-notch and caring human being. I recommend his approach to everyone motivated to reach new levels of achievement, creativity and overall life satisfaction!

Allan Kreda

Contributing Sportswriter

John is a very talented and deeply committed chiropractor and LMT. He takes a very holistic approach to health and healing and does not simply make quick, rote manipulations. Rather, he pursues those treatments and methods that best serve the client’s needs and desires. I have had amazing success with John treating both injuries and chronic aches and pains. His help and guidance are invaluable.

Catherine duke

Legal Director

I highly recommend Dr. Brown for any of your health issues. After several unsuccessful visits to doctors and physical therapy, Dr. Brown was the only Practicioner able to fix my carpel tunnel issues in a few short weeks.
He is much more than a Chiropractor and massage therapist. Dr. Brown has been greatly blessed with the gift of a true healer.

Catherine Rode

Executive Director

HEALER in the truse sense of the word. John’s technique is so much more than his degrees and certifications. He has a NATURAL and INNATE knowledge of the body, mind, spirit and soul. He knows what you need and treatment that would best benefit you. At the same time, he listens to your needs.
I have termed John a ‘body worker’ because there is no term to describe the vast amout of treatments, approaches and knowledge he integrates to truly HEAL. You will NEVER leave his office feeling even close to the way you walked in and most likely 100-200% better – this is not boasting.
He knows every single muscle in your body, those that need focus, those that are referring pain vs. the cause of it and most importantly a variety of solutions. From chiropractic adjustment to massage – from DEEP tissue to energy flow, accupuncture, energy medicine, emotional balancing, integrative medicine and a newer and most deserved practice area: Sports massage and treatment. An athlete himself, John understands the needs of the athlete’s body.

I would say, based on much experience, that John is one of the best in New York City.

Lauren Gold

Inside Sales

I am a professional tennis player and I injured my arms, it was painful and there was no treatment that could give me relief but thanks to the neurokinetic therapy and therapists of Embodyed Health & Healing, I recovered.


Tennis Player

As a professional athlete, I put my body through a lot. My high physical demands require high maintenance demands. Dr. John Brown’s intimate knowledge of anatomy combined with dexterous hands makes him a MUST in my quest for optimum performance and wellness. He is dedicated to your healing journey just as much as you are, and will do all in his power to help you along the way.

Emeka Okafor